For this blog, Ron Eanes, CEO of Hydro Engineering, answers the question “why”? Why did you decide you wanted to become CEO of Hydro Engineering? Why is Hydro Engineering different than the other companies in their industry? When looking at potential customers, why should they buy from Hydro Engineering? The answer to all these questions had the same theme.  Hydro Engineering knows what they’re doing.  Ron took this job because he saw an opportunity in an industry where it is easy for people to be misinformed, which goes for both customers and companies.  Hydro has the intention to establish itself as a company that has done their homework and have the knowledge necessary to create a product of the highest quality.  Not only that, Hydro wants people to know that they have motivated people working for them.  Ron believes it his job to create an environment that gets people motivated but he can’t be the one to get them motivated.  The only person who can motivate somebody is themselves.  A common misconception is that the CEO is the focal point of a company.  Although the CEO is ultimately the face of the company and has the final say on all decisions made, they aren’t the sole reason for a company’s success.  Companies consisting of motivated people with a strong work ethic and a desire to produce to the best of their ability are what really make them successful. But the question “why” still lingered. Why this industry?  Why not the food industry or the car industry? The answer is simple.  There is potential to revolutionize this industry.  Hydro sees the opportunity to do something no one else is doing.  Structured around two main qualities: honesty and integrity, Hydro is introducing a new way to do business.  This means that there is no slandering or deceiving, just the truth.  If there is a problem, it will be worked on until it is solved.  If a customer has an issue, it will be addressed and treated.  Hydro focuses on what we are doing and lets the competition focus on what they are doing.  This ideology is what Hydro Engineering wants to be known for and to continue practicing for the years to come.

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