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Bobcat Spoolers

Bobcat Spooler style hose reel for liquid manure injection hose

Lay and Roll Hose with a Bobcat

Hydro HSPLR Series

There is no need to haul around long lengths of hose at a time. With interchangeable spools you can layout only the hose you want when you need it. This labor saver only requires one guy to deploy and reel up.


  • Spools with 660’ capacity
  • 2 Speed Hydraulic Drive
  • Interchangeable Spools
  • Hose Sizes: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”

Spool Options

Part Number Open/Divided Drum Capacity Compatible Hose Sizes
HR3RD-48 Open Drum 660′ 8″ or 10″
HR3RD-51 Open Drum 660′ 12″
HR3RD-6R Open Drum 1330′ 6″
HR3RD-51x3x12 Divided Drum 660′ 12″ (220′ per slot)

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