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Caddie Toolbars

Caddie Style Toolbars

The Caddie style toolbar is a retrofitted 3-point Hydro toolbar using the Model 600 Implement Carrier by Elk Creek Welding & Steel.

Model 600 Implement Carrier

The Model 600 3-Point Implement Carrier is the heavy duty caddie with 600 horsepower rating and 18,000 lbs lift/carry capacity. This Caddie has the size to handle your large implements that don’t need a tank or added piece of equipment mounted along with it. It has Category IV rear “tugs” that can be spaced down to Category III if needed. The Model 600 is designed similar to the 250 and 450 models, in that the wheels are moved down with hydraulic cylinders and the caddie’s frame and attached implement are lifted. Compared to the Model 500 and 500 SS where they are designed with a rear lifting hitch, while the caddie’s frame and wheels do not raise or lower.

A closer look at the Model 600 Caddie Implement Carrier

up close: Model 600 Caddie


  • 600 Hp. rating, 8” tubing frame, 18,000 lbs lift/carrying capacity.
  • One 5” x 16” re phasing lift cylinder & one 4. 75” x 16” rephasing cylinder; rephrasing cylinders allow the caddie to rise evenly.
  • Four 8 bolt x 6,000 lb cap. hubs/spindles with 16.5 x 16.1 tires.
  • Cat. III/IV rear hitch with adjustable top link.
  • Approximately 18’ length hitch pin to tug pin.
  • Approximately 46” lift height.
  • Category V Front Forged Steel “pintle” style Hitch.

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