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Lindsay Corporation will be the leader, worldwide, in providing differentiated water management and road infrastructure products and services that improve productivity and result in earning superior returns for our shareholders.

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Copper Cuff
Cable Theft Deterrent


The simple way to eliminate costly repairs and downtime due to copper theft from irrigation systems Thieves around the world are finding easy targets, each unprotected pivot lets them quickly strip 2-5 miles (3-8 km) of valuable copper. The best way to protect your pivots is with the CopperCuff. The CopperCuff is designed to fit all major brands of pivot and lateral systems and locks the pivot’s cables in place, making it difficult for criminals to steal the copper wire.

The CopperCuff encircles the entire pipe along with the cable wiring, creating a lock-tight seal. Each cuff features a weatherproof reflective decal that deters thieves who search for copper wiring at night by flashlight. With multiple cuffs on each span, thieves cannot quickly remove the cables, so they move on to unprotected systems.

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