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Originally Founded in 1971
Designing & Engineering
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Mining and O&G Equipment

Hydro Engineering Layflat Hose Reels

Hose Carts

Are you looking to lay down hose to move liquids away from or to a job site? hydro Engineering’s hose carts are what you’re looking for. Coming in many variations and sizes, these carts can lay down and pick up hose quickly and safely so your crew can focus on the job at hand.

There are also used hose carts available at the Used Store page.

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Hose Reel & Pioneer Pumping Station

Pumping Rigs

Hydro Engineering’s pumping units are perfect to pull up to any job site and to be able to set up quickly and pump water to and from any location. There’s plenty of options and configurations available for these units to work into any operation.

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Cornell Pump

Pump Options

Hydro Engineering offers a variety of pumps to fit equipment specs or job needs. Work with our sales & engineering team to find the right pump for your job.

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Hydro Engineering Electric Pump Primer

Pumping Accessories

Hydro Engineering offers a variety of different pumping accessories that will help make your job easier. Hydro has worked directly with the clients in the field to find the products that will help you the most.

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About Us

Hydro Engineering has been in business since 1971 and has gone through many changes to become the company it is today.

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Our Team

Hydro Engineering has a highly motivated team willing to go the extra mile to solve problems and aid your operation in running as efficiently as possible.

Our Team

Dealers Near You

Hydro’s dealer network spans across the United States, Canada & into Russia. Hydro manufactured equipment is never far away.

Dealer Network

oil and gas

Hydro Engineering works closely with the O&G industry to provide equipment used in liquid transfer. We offer hose options, pumping units, pumps and much more to move fracking water or any other liquid to and from drill sites. Hydro’s equipment is built to last and excels in any conditions.


If you’re in the mining industry, Hydro Engineering can help speed up the removal of liquid waste from the mining location. The mobility of Hydro’s units make them very useful in getting to and from even the most adverse job sites.

liquid transfer

No matter the type of liquid that’s on your job site, Hydro’s equipment can move it. Hydro’s state of the art equipment that originated in the agriculture business is prepared for even the most detrimental of liquids.

No job is too big or too small for Hydro's equipment

Whether you need a brand new pumping station or something quick to fill in during the busy season, Hydro Engineering has the right equipment for you.

Hydro Engineering and its team of highly knowledgeable staff works closely with the customer to help figure out what that particular customer needs for their unique job. Hydro also keeps many of its product lines pre-built and on the lot just in case a customer is in need of a piece of equipment and doesn’t have the time to wait for it to be manufactured.

Hydro also has a stock of previously used equipment, consignment & rental plans. No matter your situation Hydro Engineering can supply you with what you’re looking for.