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Broadcaster 2

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Sunova WorX Inc. thinks outside accepted limitations to provide working solutions to everyday issues. We carefully research the market, and rely on our wealth of experience to offer new and practical remedies for our customers’ challenges. Our commitment is to offer high quality products, with a focus on attention to detail and simplicity of design.

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Tri-Band Communication Muli Pump Control

Broadcaster 2

Tri-band communication system for North America using peer-to-peer 900 MHZ radio network, and/or cellular, and/or satellite multi-point network. As well a dual communication system which can be utilized world wide by mobile cell phone network and/or satellite. The communication module will automatically switch to the most economic and strongest communication system. Control and display information on and from the remote controller at the operators drivers seat regardless of obstacles, elevation, or distance.

Special Features:

  • The way we communicate: Radio, Cellular, Satellite
  • Redundant communication
  • Triple safety feature
  • Multi pump unit flexibility
  • Auto boost pump cruise control
  • Multi screen for multi pump set ups

Broadcaster 2 is compatible with all mechanical or ECU engines including J 1939 Can Bus Tier 4 Final (Euro stage 4), and VFD driven motors regardless of age.

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