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Municipalities & Dewatering Equipment

Pump Rigs

When it comes to moving water from one place to another, Hydro Engineering’s pumping rigs are a complete unit that is up for the task. These rigs can easily be pulled by a truck to any job site or emergency flood location & can pump a variable amount of gallons depending on your needs.

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Hose Carts

If you’re looking to lay out hose to move water from one location to another, the Hydro hose carts are what you’re looking for. No matter how much hose you’re looking to roll out, there’s variations that will fit your needs. From A-frame units that can fit in the back of a truck bed up to large hose carts that can hold 2 miles of hose, Hydro Engineering can help.

There are also used hose carts available at the Used Store page.

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Pumping Accessories

From mobile power units to power your equipment to pumps that can fit into manholes, Hydro has the pumping accessories that can help make your operation more efficient.

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Pump Options

Depending on your needs, Hydro Engineering has options when it comes to pumps & pump sizes. Contact our sales team to find which pump configuration would work for your operation.

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About Us

Hydro Engineering has been in business since 1971 and has gone through many changes to become the company it is today.

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Our Team

Hydro Engineering has a highly motivated team willing to go the extra mile to solve problems and aid your operation in running as efficiently as possible.

Our Team

Dealers Near You

Hydro’s dealer network spans across the United States, Canada & into Russia. Hydro manufactured equipment is never far away.

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Water Transfer

If you’re looking to move water from one location to another, the Hydro Engineering municipality division is here to help. Our team works closely with city public works and governments to supply cost effective options for water transfer jobs.

emergency response

Floods happen every year and they’re unavoidable. Hydro Engineering supplies the equipment that can be used in a moments notice to pump large gallons of flood water away from roads, buildings or anywhere else. Hydro not only offers new emergency response equipment that you can purchase, but they also offer rental equipment that you can pick up at any time. Contact the sales team now and make sure that you’re prepared for any emergency.

city waste

If you’re a city that holds municipal waste, Hydro Engineering has equipment that will make transferring the waste easier and more efficient than ever.

Hydro Engineering's Municipal Division makes your job easier

Hydro Engineering’s municipal division can help any city or public works organizations to move water or municipal waste in an efficient and cost effective way. They also supply cities with emergency response equipment for flooding or any other water related emergency.

Contact Hydro Engineering today to discuss your options in liquid & municipal waste transfer. The sales and engineering team will be happy to design you a system that not only fits your needs but your budget as well.