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Pit Pumps

Versatile in Many Applications

Hydro Pit Pumps

The HP Series Pit Pumps are versatile in many applications. Designed for easy operation by one person, this pump will hook up to any tractors hydraulic system and can be lowered into spaces as small as a standard manhole. So whether you’re looking to force feed a pump or to pump water from a manhole this is the tool for the job.

Pit Pump Discharge Fittings

Part Number Pit Pump Discharge Size Degree
PP123D HP60 6″ 30°
PP123B HP60 4″ 30°
PP123E HP60 6″ Straight Discharge Bolt On
PP123A HP60 6″ 45° Sweep Elbow
PP123C HP60 4″ 90°
PP123 HP60 6″ 90°
HS149-27 HP61 6″ MPT 45° Mitered
HS-149-273 HP61 6″ NPT Straight Out
HS149-274 HP61 6″ MPT 90° Mitered
HS149-276 HP61 6″ Manhole Discharge
HS149-278 HP61 6″ 6″ Female RL 90°
HS149-280 HP61 6″ 90° Male HSG
HS149-281 HP61 6″ 90° Male RL

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