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Single Axle

Single Axle Hose Reels

Hydro Engineering offers many variations of the single axle hose carts. Dependant on your needs, Hydro offers the single axle hose reel line with either hydraulic drive or PTO. Hydro’s reels have a variation of options when it comes to:

  • Wheel size & variation
  • Articulating Hitch
  • Level Wind
  • Hose Capacity
  • DOT safety features
  • Digital Controls
  • Reel Dividers

Contact our sales team to discuss your project and they’ll help you build the perfect cart to fit your needs.

The largest of the Hydro reels

up close: hr128ag


The HR128AG is the largest in the line of single axle hose reels that Hydro offers. It can hold a mile of 8″ hose or a mile & a half of 6″ hose. This cart allows you to reel in hose from either the front or the back while on the move while maintaining an even wrap throughout! The electrohydraulic circuit automatically matches reel speed to the tractors travel speed which allows you to evenly and efficiently wrap hose without leaving the tractor cab.


  • High Floatation Tires
  • 12-8″ or 16-6″ hose
  • Direct Drive Reel
  • DP 200 Interactive display & Control Unit
  • Auto Tensioning Function
Now Available as a Single Axle Layout

Up Close: HR88AG


The HR88AG has been redesigned from its original tandem axle layout to a single axle layout. We’ve removed the second axle and added the high floatation tires that are also found on the HR128AG hose reel. Just like the tandem axle version, the HR88AG can carry 12-6″,8-8″ or 16-6″ hoses.


  • High Floatation Tires
  • 12-6″, 8-8″, 6-10″ hoses
  • Articulating Hitch or Level Wind
  • Fully Caged Shaker Screen

Up Close: hr8f

Hydro Engineering Layflat Hose Reels


The HR8F is one of Hydro’s medium sized hose reels. It can carry up to 8-6″ or 6-8″ hose and can either have an articulating hitch or level wind. The HR8F also comes with high speed AG tires and optional fenders, lights and dividers.


  • Hydraulic Drive
  • 8-6″ or 6-8″ hose
  • Articulating Hitch or Level Wind


The HR4F is one of the smaller carts offered by Hydro Engineering. It has a hose capacity of 4-6″ or 3-8″.


  • PTO Driven
  • 4-6″ or 3-8″ hose
  • Articulating hitch


The smallest hose reel that Hydro offers on axles is the HR2. It comes standard with a divided drum that can hold 2-6″ hoses and also comes standard with a PTO drive. Optional features: hydraulic drive, fenders & lights.


  • PTO Driven
  • 2-6″ hoses
  • Divided Drum

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