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Power Packs

Mobile Power Packs

The Hydro Power Pack is for when a tractor’s hydraulics are not available. This compact unit will fit conveniently into any short box pick up truck. It comes standard with remote control and wired control. Now you can pick up or lay out hose in just about any situation.

The packs come in 10, 20 & 30 GPM variants and also can be gas powered or have an electric drive.

The gas powered variant comes with a 40HP engine and a wireless & wired controller.

Electric Drive Pack

Hydraulic Drive Pack

Hydro Engineering Portable Hydraulic Power Pack

trailer mounted power pack

Hydro power packs can be mounted directly to the trailer of the hose reels or the pumping stations. Depending on the unit and it’s configuration, the size of the power pack may vary.

Hydro Engineering Portable Hydraulic Power Pack

Truck Bed Power Pack

Sometimes a larger power pack is necessary or you’d rather have one power pack be used on multiple different pieces of equipment. When this is the case, we have power packs that can sit right in your truck bed!

Contact our sales team to discuss the options available and to find out what works best for your job.

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