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Zimmatic Pivot Panels

Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation will be the leader, worldwide, in providing differentiated water management and road infrastructure products and services that improve productivity and result in earning superior returns for our shareholders.

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Housed in a rugged, waterproof cabinet, BASIC provides easy-to-use, reliable service under the toughest conditions.

  • LED system indicators guide you through start-up and provide instant information
  • Easily start, change direction and turn water supply on or off with intuitive pump and direction controls
  • Solid-state percentage timer precisely controls speed
  • Easy to read voltage monitor provides real time power status.


The VISION computer control panel provides all of the information you need at a glance – with all of the advanced features you want to make irrigation easy and efficient.

  • Vision Zone – See the field boundary for your pivot and immediately know pivot location and proximity to boundaries or stops.
  • Status report – Informative display makes irrigation management easier than ever.
  • Status indicators – Quickly view your pivot’s operational status.
  • Function controls – stop the pivot, change direction, control water or an accessory, change the application rate or set a programmable stop.
  • Navigation controls – Easily navigate menus using an interface similar to your cell phone or TV remotes.


This top-of-the-line irrigation management system helps you establish position accuracy and repeatability for precise control of irrigation, chemigation and other accessories – all crucial for resource conservation and increasing efficiency.

  • EZ Plan feature gives fast access to commonly used scheduling options.
  • Water delivery can be tailored to specific crop requirements.
  • Application rates can be adjusted to match soil water-holding capacity, reducing the chance of over-application
  • Four accessory options allow more chemigation, fertigation and end gun controls
  • Scheduling option allows for easy customization of irrigation programs for multiple crops, part circles, variable soil conditions or uneven terrain
  • Self-diagnostic function uncovers problems and minimizes downtime
  • Depending on use, the BOSS panel can help you conserve energy, minimize leaching and reduce chemical and labor input

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