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Intelligent Pump Control


Watertronic’s innovative controls maximize the efficiency of your complete irrigation system. Whether it is a new or existing pump system, single or multiple pump operation, Watertronics can provide a customized pump control solution for almost any agricultural irrigation system.

Water, labor and energy costs are lowered especially if it is combined with FieldNET® for a completely integrated control system. In some cases you may save up to 75% of the labor and fuel it takes to physically check operations.

In addition, its status and alert features keep growers informed on system operation. This real-time system allows you to better prioritize irrigation scheduling for greater efficiency.

what can be monitored?

  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Pump Running
  • VFD Output Frequency

  • Motor Amps
  • Pump Enabled/Disabled Status
  • Alarm Status
  • VFD Fault (Specific Faults)

  • Total Water Pumped
  • Energy Usage (kWh)
  • Temperature
  • Voltage

what can be controlled?

  • Pump Enable/Disable
  • Pump Fault Reset
  • VFD Parameter Changes
  • Pressure Transducer Set Point


  • Easily diagnose pump performance with pressure, flow and pump cycle trending charts
  • Build water and energy usage summaries for easy data reporting

maximize system uptime

  • Alerts for alarm conditions, water levels and pump status sent via text or email keep you informed about system operations
  • Remotely make system adjustments, reset alarms and enable/disable pump

power usage

  • Optimize wire-to-water efficiency by monitoring and recording power consumption and the quality of incoming power

Online Data Storage Available

  • Integrated RTU automatically pushes your data to our secure data vault keeping it safe from computer crashes or viruses

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