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Watering Uniformity

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Watering Uniformity

watering uniformity

Zimmatic machines can apply water with high total soluble salt. Because the machine applies less water than flood or other sprinkler methods salt accumulation in the root zone is substantially reduced. Mechanical move irrigation has the ability to flush the soil by designing a leaching factor into the application rate. Also water can be better applied to different type of soils by Zimmatic controls. Varying the depth or amount of water can be set at the machine. By applying proper water requirements at different stages of growth the grower can provide the proper amount of water for maximum crop yield. A flood irrigator would find it difficult to achieve the same precision without wasting water.


zimmatic rotating sprinklers

Watering Uniformity

35′ to 65′ – 15 to 50 P.S.I. (10.5 m to 19.8 m – 1 bar to 3.5 bars).

Featuring changeable plates and a choice of individual stream designs, rotating-spray sprinklers are designed for greater coverage on heavier soils or rolling terrain


Watering Uniformity

25′ to 35′ – 10 to 40 P.S.I. (7.6 m to 10.7 m – 0.7 bar to 2.8 bars)

Available in a variety of options to match crop, climate and wind conditions, fixed spray sprinklers are best used on lighter soils or flat terrain and can be adapted for in-furrow applications. These units are also compatible with both germination and chemigation plates.


Watering Uniformity

2′ to 20′ – 6 to 20 P.S.I. (0.6 m to 6.0 m – 0.4 bar to 1.4 bars)

Operating in both bubble and spray models, LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) sprinklers reduce surface evaporation. Chemigation pads are available for most crops. This is the most watering efficient type of pivot sprinkler.

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