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Norwood Young America
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Originally Founded in 1971
Designing & Engineering
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Building it for the Long Haul

Hydro Traveler

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun
Gets the job done with less effort

hydro traveler

Designed with these specific objectives in mind:
SAVE LABOR – It irrigates 20 acres per day with only two man-hours of labor.
ONE MAN OPERATION – Because of the Travelers compact design.
BETTER WATER DISTRIBUTION – It covers up to a 10% wider strip of land per pass then competitive equipment, also because of its gradual and uninterrupted movement across the full length of the plot, the full width is covered uniformly.
EASIER MANEUVERABILITY – Because of the tricycle design, it is much simpler to move around between the lanes.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun

Positive end of run shutdown

System is shutdown at any predetermined spot by a positive electrical switch.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun


Control of movement across field for just the right amount of water application.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun


  • Allows wide range of speed settings – from a light ran to a soaking.
  • Allows machine to operate with any amount of water. Does not depend on volume of water to operate drive mechanism.
Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun


This accessory allow the operator to lay the hose off to either side of the Traveler run way.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun

air purge

This is standard equipment on Hydro Traveler – extends hose life, as it removes the water before it is reeled in. Simple clutch arrangement without a dangerous PTO shaft to connect.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun

simple clutch arrangement

No pins or bolts. Merely shift into gear – positive drum brake.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun

twin riser design

Reduces water turbulence that accounts for wider lane spacing that competitive equipment. Allowing the Hydro Traveler to use a lower angle gun than most competitors, as complete water break-up is accomplished.

Hydro Engineering Traveling Gun


Eliminates dry run as system shuts down if water pump malfunctions.

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