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JD18 Pumping Station

Powerhouse Pumping Station for High GPM

This newly designed booster pump is ready for all the toughest jobs and longest distances. This pump station features a John Deere 18 Tier 4 engine providing 750+ peak horsepower. This engine is powering the Cornell 81022 MP pump, which allows consistent pumping with up to 4″ solids.

Cornell 81022-MP White Iron Pump

The JD18 booster pump trailer also comes with a fully convertible hydraulic gooseneck to AG pintle hitch (Patent Pending) allowing the operator to switch between towing styles!


  • John Deere 18 liter Tier 4 Engine (No DEF or SCR)
  • Cornell 81022MP Pump
  • Over 7,000 GPM capabilities
  • 600 gallon fuel tank for up to 25 hours of run time
  • Easy-access design for cleaning and maintenance
  • 10″ bypass with pig launcher
  • Ergonomic hose connections
  • 385/65 – 22.5 flotation tires
  • SunovaWorx Broacaster ready
  • Electric over hydraulic controls on leveling jacks and gate valves
  • JD Link included

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  • John Deere 18L Tier 4 Engine
  • Cornell 81022MP Pump
  • 600 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 10″ Bypass and Pig Launcher

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