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JD18 Booster Pump

Liquid Manure Booster Pump Units – JD18 By Hydro Engineering

JD18 Booster Pump

JD18 Booster Pump Overview

This newly designed booster pump is ready for all the toughest jobs and longest distances. This pump station features a John Deere 18 Tier 4 engine providing 750+ horsepower. This engine is powering the Cornell 81022 MP pump, which allows consistent pumping with up to 4″ solids.

A closer look at the JD18 booster pump

Up Close: JD18 Booster Pump

John Deere 18 Tier 4 Engine

The 750 HP John Deere 18 tier 4 engine is the perfect engine configuration for your higher flow solids handling pumps. It has a high horse power output at a high RPM to allow the operator to cover more of the pump curve which will allow the operator to dial into the sweat spot of what they need for flow and distance.

Note: This engine DOES NOT require DEF or SCR

81022 MP Cornell White Iron Pump

The Cornell 81022 MP White Iron Pump is one of the largest solids handling pumps that Cornell offers into the market today. If you need to liquid at a high rate, this is the pump that will do the job.

View Cornell’s Lineup of Pumps

Controls Inc. Controller

The Controls Inc. Controller comes standard with Hydro Engineering booster pumps. This controller allows for manual control over the engine functions & can have its features extended into the tractor cab by using the SunnovaWorx Broadcaster 2 Panel.

Convertible Trailer Hitch

The JD18 booster pump trailer also comes with a fully convertible hydraulic gooseneck to AG pintle hitch (Patent Pending) allowing the operator to switch between towing styles!

10″ Bypass with Pig Launcer

The 10″ bypass allows for maximum output while being strategically designed low to the ground to reduce hose stress and to make connecting hoses easier for the operator.

Additional Features

  • Electric knife valve controls
  • Broadcaster control pack-ready
  • JD Link
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks
  • 600 gallon fuel tank built-in to trailer allows for 25 hours of runtime.

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