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Quick Hitch

Quick Hitch style Liquid Manure Injection Toolbars

Quick Hitch Toolbars

Hydro’s quick hitch applicator’s are custom built for your needs. Our dealers will work closely with you choose the best options and features to design the perfect applicator for you. So whether your big or small you will have the best fit for your farm.

Do you have a tool bar you really like but can’t use it for manure injection? Bring it to Hydro and we can retro fit your existing tool bar with a quick to quick hitch. Our quick to quick hitch allows you attach a quick hitch with swing tube an manifold already mounted to your existing quick hitch tool bar. All that’s left is connecting the injection hose to your shanks.

Options Include

  • 16′ – 34′ Width
  • Folding Wings
  • Single or Double Equalizer Manifold
  • Manifold Agitator
  • 2″ – 3″ Heavy Duty Injection Hose
  • 4″ or 6″ Swing Pipe
  • Double Swivel
  • Swing Tube Holder
  • Pig Shooter
  • Flow Meter
A closer look at the quick hitch toolbars

up close: Quck Hitch Toolbars

Shanks & Coulters

All of our toolbars comes with options on the types of shanks and/or coulters you want. Our sales & engineering team will help you pick out the best ones to fit the type of bar you’re looking for.

Information on Tilling Options


Hydro’s patented hydraulically driven Equalizer Manifold delivers even amounts of material out to each injector regardless of what the GPM of flow is to the manifold (200-2000 GPM). Our Sales & Engineering team will help you find the perfect manifold to fit your new bar and pumping specifications.

Information on Manifolds

Flow Meters

Would you like to know what your flow is to the toolbar? Hydro Engineering can supply you with a flow meter and you’ll be able to read those numbers right from the comfort of your tractor cab.

Information on Flow Meters

See Toolbar Accessories for other options that you can add to your new toolbar

Hydro Engineering Liquid Manure Application Toolbar

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