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Flow Meters

Krohne Flow meters for measuring the flow of liquid manure

Need Your Flow Meter Tested For Accuracy?

Hydro Engineering can verify your flow meters accuracy through a number of in house tests to make sure that you’re getting paid for what your pumping & also to verify that you’re applying the right amount of nutrients that you should be.

  • GS8B Flow Simulation for proving accuracy of head unit / digital readout
  • Test bench to verify accurate flow based on a control unit
  • Repair parts & new units readily available and kept in stock

    Giving you the information you need right to the tractor

    Flow Meters

    Krohne Flow Meters

    The Krohne magnetic flow meter has a teflon-pfa liner and reinforced stainless steel mesh for abrasion resistance. A remote digital readout in the tractor cab gives the operator instant reading of gallons per minute and total gallons pumped for an accurate application rates per acre. This meter can be set for gallons or liters and has a zero out button to clear out the total read out. Krohne meters are capable of being hooked up to GPS units. For extra protection have a meter head guard and cable protector installed.

    optiflux 4000

    Krohne Optiflux 4000

    IFC 100

    Krohne IFC 100

    A closer look at the Krohne Optiflux 4000

    Up Close: Optiflux 4000

    The OPTIFLUX 4000 design meets the demands of a very wide range of applications in industries including the chemical, pulp & paper, water and wastewater, minerals and mining, iron, steel and metals, pharmaceuticals and oil & gas industry.

    The OPTIFLUX 4000 has a field proven and unsurpassed lifetime. This is assured by the fully welded construction, full bore pipe construction, absence of moving parts and wear resistant liner materials. Even for demanding applications in harsh environments or with aggressive and abrasive media KROHNE’s OPTIFLUX 4000 can offer a solution.

    Examples include water injection under high pressures (2500 lbs), sub-sea installations, slurries with very high solids contents, alkaline solutions and acids, up to chemical dosing, bleaching, colouring, and black liquor in the paper industry. If required, a solution beyond our standard scope can be engineered. KROHNE has in-house specialized know-how on constructions, welding and exotic materials

    Information above is from the Optiflux 4000 technical datasheet


    • All welded rugged construction, to extend lifetime of equipment
    • Good corrosion, erosion / abrasion resistance
    • Flexibility in sizes including sizes, special constructions, special inner diameters and thicknesses

    • Corrosion resistant and leak tight electrodes. Specials (materials, retractable or pointed) on demand
    • Extensive diagnostic capabilities
    • Every meter leaving the factory is wet calibrated on our calibration rigs which are traceable


    A closer look at the Krohne IFC 100

    Up Close: IFC 100

    The IFC 100 converter is compatible with almost any flow sensor in the OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX range.

    The signal converter supplies the current required by two field coils to generate a magnetic field. It converts the flow proportional signal voltage into digital values and filters out noise and interference signals. From the filtered signal, the flow velocity, the volume flow and the mass flow are calculated.

    The IFC 100 signal converter provides a large variety of flowmeter and process diagnostic functions guaranteeing reliable measurements. Detection of deposits or coating on the electrodes, temperature and conductivity changes in the medium, gas bubbles or solids, and an empty pipe are good examples of process diagnostics functions.

    Information above is from the IFC 100 technical datasheet


    • Simple installation and start-up
    • Available inputs and outputs: Current output (incl. HART®), pulse/frequency output, status output and control input
    • Large backlit graphic display with intuitive operation
    • A variety of operating languages integrated as standard

    • Maintenance free
    • Excellent price/performance ratio
    • Extremely quick signal conversion
    • Higher accuracy by extended calibration


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