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Pit Pro – Manure Additive
Pit Pro Manure Additive
Increasing Profits and Proficiency in Manure

Pit PRO Manure Additive

Pit Pro Working

How It Works

Pit Pro works as an ultra-negative charged long-chained molecule. When it enters the pit, it immediately starts drawing up the positively charged solid particles off the bottom of your pit, just like a magnet, dislodging solid buildup. The length and width of the molecules in Pit Pro allow it to stay in suspension, like a feather floating in the air, pulling molecules into suspension with it.

How To Use It

Apply 50% of recommended rate when pit is 25-35% full, then apply 25% of recommended rate when pit is 50% full, and apply remaining 25% of recommended rate 30 days prior to pump-out.

For maximum performance distribute product equally through pit pump outs.

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