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Bio-Secure Pumps

Bio-Secure Liquid Manure pump for hog farms

For protection against cross contamination

Bio-Secure Pumps

The bio-secure pump allows for pumpers to move this piece of equipment from one hog barn to another without worrying about cross contamination between different units. This mitigates the changes of any diseases spreading and creates a safer environment for the pumper and the hogs.

A closer look at the Bio-Secure Pump

Up Close: Bio-Secure Pump

Gorman Rupp T8A60S Pump

The Gorman Rupp T8A60S Pump is perfect for a bio-secure pump. Being fairly small in size allows for this unit to easily be transferred from site to site.

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Single Axle Trailer

The entire unit mounts easily to a single axle trailer that can be pulled behind a truck to any job site.

PTO Driven

The bio-secure pump is pto driven to allow for easy connection to any tractor.

Hydro Engineering Gorman Rupp Bio-Secure Liquid Manure Pump

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