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Lead Pumps

Liquid Manure lead pump units and manure pump trucks

It all starts with your lead pump

Lead Pumping Units

Trailer Mounted Lead Pump

Custom designed to your specifications these one of a kind units can do exactly what you want. Each one starts from scratch, Hydro Engineering will help you choose the correct feed pump, lead pump, engine size, and hydraulics. From there you can choose from a list of accessories such as HID spot lights, engine heaters, 4 wheeler ramps, pig launchers, and communication devices.

Pump Trucks

The new era of lead pumping has arrived! Introducing the Hydro Engineering pump truck. Here is some more information about the pump truck and its capabilities. Information on what separates this pump truck from everyone else’s pump truck.

Building to fit your needs

Up Close: Lead Pumps

Hydro Engineering Liquid Manure Pumping Station

Trailer Options

Depending on your job, Hydro Engineering offers many different variations of trailers to pick from to mount the lead pump on.

  • Rail Trailer
  • Gooseneck
  • Equipment Trailer
  • Flatbed

Engine Options

Depending on the rest of the lead pumps build and what your requirements are, Hydro has different engine variations with different horsepower settings.

Pit Pumps

The pit pump is one of the most important pieces to the lead pump unit. Depending on the lagoon and what your requirements are, Hydro offers many different variations of pit pumps.

View Pit Pump Options

The future lead pump is here

Up Close: Pump Trucks

The Boom

The boom is one of the most important features of the pump truck. This one comes in at a whopping 65′ when fully extended. This allows it to get into virtually any lagoon. The hydraulic package and the Nuhn pit pump makes this the most advanced boom in the market.

Control Panel

The control panel on the pump truck is designed by Dakota Fluid Power & is state of the art. It can keep track of pump & engine stats and can be used to control the hydrostatic system. The boom can also be ran using the remote control from a distance.

Pit Pump

The pit pump at the end of this 65′ boom is one of the largest fully submersible pit pumps in the market.

Hydro Engineering Liquid Manure Pump Truck

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