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Hydro F4

Hydro F4 Manure Agitation Pontoon

Hydro F4 Manure Agitation Boat

Hydro F4 Manure Agitation Boat

The Hydro F4 liquid manure agitation boat leaves behind a wake of destruction while agitating lagoons. Named after the Fujita scale, the intensity of the Hydro F4 can destroy solids in some of the largest and deepest manure lagoons around. Capable of reaching places other agitators cannot go.

Remote Operating System

  • Engine Speed
  • Individual Prop Speed
  • Front Winch
  • Rear Winch

Additional Features

  • 30 GPM Hydraulic System
  • 120 Gallon Hydraulic Tank
  • 225 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • HID Spot Lights
A closer look at the Hydro F4 Agitation Pontoon

up close: hydro f4

Propeller System

The F4 is equipped with four props that can be lowered into the lagoon. These agitation props are lowered in by pairs with the two front props and the two rear props lowered together.

  • 4 – 17″ hydraulically driven props that can turn at a maximum of 1,000 RPM’s
  • The agitation speed can be individually controlled for each prop
  • Props are 12′ long reaching to a maximum prop depth of 6′
  • Liner guards on the bottom and outside edge of the props protect both the lagoon and the prop from unnecessary damage

Pontoon Floatation

The light weight PVC pontoons are shaped for minimal drag in the water allowing it to maneuver easily.

Hydro F4 Engine

The power plant of the Hydro F4 is a 200 horse John Deere Tier III engine. This engine is capable of running the 30 GPM hydraulic system, winches, and HID spot lights.

  • Residential Horizontal Muffler helps keep engine noise to a minimum
  • Engine Hoods are responsible for protecting the engine and engine components from the elements such as snow, rain and UV rays from the sun
  • Oversized Radiator allows the engine to stay cool when working at full capacity

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