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Vertical Till Injectors

VTI tillage units for Liquid Manure toolbars

Vertical Till Injection


Ensuring that your manure application system and manure spreaders are providing your farm with quality manure management is a very important part of success when it comes to the quality of your farming soil. Choosing the right manure handling equipment with the right manure tank bars can help to make sure this process is simple, easy, and effective. Manure management starts with the company you purchase your manure handling equipment from, and Vertical Till Injector LLC is dedicated to helping provide you with a quality system for manure application.

The heavy duty swivel system designed to follow very aggressive 30º contours, slopes & angles with ease. Allows manure tubes and closing system to follow the coulter. Automatically returns to center when lifted out of the ground.

High Speed – 3-10 MPH with excellent performance High Residue – Heavy corn stalks without clogging Low Draft Manure Injection – up to 15,000 gal per acre and up to 50% less draft than prior technology.


  • Injects manure 6-8” below surface
  • 22” 8 x 13 Wave Blades – 1/4” thick
  • 12,000# Rated C Spring – with life time warranty
  • Heavy Duty Quad Seal Trunion Bearing w/2” Shaft
  • 3.5” ID Manure Pipe with H-D closing system
  • Adaptable to different bar sizes & drag hose systems
  • Other Blades Available for Different Soil Types

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